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Water Heaters - A.O. Smith and Bradford-White

Aqua Care Services is a Factory Authorized Service Provider For A.O. Smith Water Heaters.

Aqua Care Services offers the full line of A. O. Smith and Bradford-White tank type gas and electric water heaters.

A O Smith Water HeatersA. O. Smith is the innovation leader in both commercial and residential water heating. Every product is provided with the industry's finest customer service and warranties.

Some of the great features of these water heaters are:

Blue Diamond® Glass Coating Provides superior corrosion resistance compared to industry-standard glass lining.

A. O. Smith offers a variety of models that are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

DynaClean™ Automatic Sediment-Cleaning System self-cleaning action greatly reduces sediment accumulation and maximizes hot water output. Conservationist models are equipped with advanced DynaClean II, for maximum sediment-fighting power. ProMax® models feature the standard DynaClean design.

Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve, a reliable, quality brass drain valve with “screw-slot” head helps prevent valve opening by curious youngsters. Standard on most residential gas and electric models.

A. O. Smith’s PEX cross-linked polymer dip tubes are long-lasting with superior resistance to destructive thermal oxidation. Standard on all gas and electric models.

CoreGard™ – Advanced Anode Rod Protection is a highly effective corrosion fighting system which utilizes cathodic action to protect internal tank surfaces from corrosive elements. CoreGard adds a stainless steel core to magnesium or aluminum anodes for even longer life. Standard on Conservationist and ProMax models.

Every temperature and pressure relief valve is factory-supplied and matched to the heater to help ensure that every A. O. Smith residential water heater is installed properly.

Intelli-Vent™ Power Gas Control Valve is standard on A. O. Smith power-vent and power direct-vent models, this advanced electronic valve features polarity sensing to ensure proper operation, simplified diagnostics, and a nearly indestructible silicon nitride hot surface ignitor.

Green Choice™ Low-NOx Burner, a Patented “eco-friendly” burner design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33% and complies with Texas requirements for NOx emissions. Enhanced Ultra-low NOx burner complies with the Air Quality Management Districts of California for NOx emissions of less than 10 ng/j.

Heat Trap Nipples help manage standby heat loss. Now installed at the factory on most models.

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