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Evolve Series® EV1 & EV2 Combination Water Conditioners

Aqua Care Services recomends the Evolve Series EV2 and EV2 water conditioners as Proven Performers in Treating Sulfur and Iron Problems

Evollve Series EV1 & EV2 combination filter and softenerEvolve Series® EV1 and EV2 water conditioners effectively treat harsh water conditions of all kinds. Now you can efficiently remove hardness, iron and manganese in just a single pass — and adjust low pH levels at the same time. Just one unit... with no chemicals or add-ons.

These evolutionary systems come equipped with an integrated chlorine generator that produces a small amount of chlorine to sanitize the media bed with each regeneration. This chlorine effectively kills iron and sulfur bacteria — the same bacteria that produces unwanted tastes and odors. Both the EV1 and EV2 utilize exclusive Crystal-Right medias for optimum performance over a broad range of water quality issues.

Evolve Series EV1

  • Utilizes Crystal-Right™ CR-100 Silica Crystals
  • Removes hardness, iron, manganese
  • Raises low pH

Evolve Series EV2

  • Utilizes Crystal-Right™ CR-200 Silica Crystals
  • Removes hardness, iron and manganese
Like all Evolve Series models, the EV1 and EV2 boasts the IQ Controller™ valve system which offers advanced levels of programming and diagnostics. The result is the best overall water quality, provided with the utmost efficiency, for your household.

The Crystal-Right™ Media Advantage

Unlike ordinary resins used in conventional softeners, these irregularly-shaped medias provide superior ion exchange and a better bed for filtering. Because they are impervious to chlorine, they can withstand the free chlorine needed to kill iron and sulfur bacteria. This is the bacteria that can produce foul smells and tastes, and discolors household fixtures.

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